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Providing the best CBD oil in Raleigh, North Carolina with the highest quality, full plant, extract from hemp.

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"I am a disabled Vietnam veteran who suffers from multiple spinal injuries and sleep issues. I’ve had numerous surgeries to correct the spinal problems, but still live with discomfort. The sleeplessness is a constant burden as well, causing me to be tired all the time. I’ve found many products that help with the pain and inflammation, however nothing that has been effective for all of my symptoms. I recently read about CBD, which seemed like it would be a good solution for me. I began to get discouraged, as the first six brands I tried were not helping. Finally, I discovered Emerald CBD tincture 2000mg bottles. This has by far been the best. It has been extremely effective with not only my pain and inflammation, but also works quickly to get me back into a restful sleep when I am jolted awake. Emerald is by far the best – I wouldn’t be without it now, and I HIGHLY recommend it."

- Tom DiPietro